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  • Jordan Vecchio

Three Tips for a Sexy Halloween

Halloween is all about the tricks and the treats, the fun and the sweets. There are no family obligations, no gift exchanges, and no sentimentality - no pressure! So, feel free to make Halloween all about having a sexy-ass good time. Here are three tips for a very sexy Halloween.

Image Credit: MaddiesCreation / Unsplash

Sexy Halloween Tip #1 - Stock up on costumes and accessories you can use for role-playing.

Get a blonde wig and channel your inner Marilyn Monroe sex pot. Or get into a nurse or firefighter costume and take on a new take-control persona. Maybe you want to do something a little freaky and kinky while wearing a wolfman mask. We all know the story: some of us use Halloween as an excuse to dress up in something risqué. Yup, that’s right, we do. Honestly, though, you don’t even need an excuse. You can dress up in a racy costume and role-play with your partner anytime. Bonus tip: if you wait until the day after Halloween, you can get a lot of this stuff on sale. If you ever wanted to try role-playing or just dressing up for sex, why not try it now? Here are 30 role-playing ideas from YourTango.

Sexy Halloween Tip #2 - Watch scary movies. The suspense and tension are titillating.

Watching a scary movie makes you feel frisky. After a horror flick, your body is energized, and your connection-seeking switch is turned on. It’s a chemical thing. So, snuggle up on the couch, get some snacks, and welcome the excitement. If you want, go ahead, and gather your sex stuff – lube, condoms, vibrator – and set it on the end table. As soon as the credits roll, you can get it on – on the couch. My suggestion: stay away from anything too gory or disturbing. Go for jump scares and suspense. You want your heart to be pumping, not your stomach to be turning.

Sexy Halloween Tip #3 - Fill your space with sensory thrills. Set a seductive and inviting mood.

This is the heart of Autumn. The days are shorter. Outside, the wind is brisk, and the leaves are almost all gone from the trees. Inside, the soft, warm glow of a jack-o-lantern and a few candles are the perfect lighting to cast a lusty spell. Set a bowl of chocolate candy on your counter. Bake a pumpkin pie or light a scented candle that smells like it. Studies suggest the aroma of pumpkin and cinnamon enhance arousal, especially in men. Put a soft, oversized throw blanket on your couch so you can wrap up together and stay warm, even if you lose a few layers of clothing.

I wish you all the sexiest tricks and treats this Halloween!

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