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  • Jordan Vecchio

Affirmations for Sex and Intimacy

Many people use affirmations for motivation and performance. You can find affirmations to enhance everything from athleticism to financial wealth, from leadership to lifestyle. So, I say we can use them in the areas of sex and intimacy!

Image Credit: Ava Sol / Unsplash

The internet offers plenty of information about using affirmations as a tool for personal growth, manifestation, and so on. Some people tout the effectiveness of affirmations. Some people say affirmations are useless. And, then there are many sources telling you how to use affirmations. With all of the information out there, how do you know what is right?

Here's my take on all of this: be open-minded and true to yourself. If it works for you - great. If it doesn't, you can move on to something else.

Here are 8 neutral affirmations that support self-empowering beliefs about sex and intimacy. I also created a pdf that you can download, print, and put in a place where you will see the affirmations daily. (It's down there at the bottom of this post.)

Again, affirmations are not for everyone. And every affirmation does not resonate with every person. Take what works for you, leave what doesn't.


I am a sexual being.

I am wonderfully designed to experience sexual pleasure.

I honor and celebrate my sexual thoughts, feelings, and desires.

I am sensual and erotic in mind, body, and spirit.

I discover new and exciting ways to experience sexual pleasure and orgasm when I am alone and when I am with my partner.

I have the ability and courage to build truly intimate relationships.

My intimate relationships are based on care, affection, love, authenticity, honesty, communication, understanding, and appreciation for each other.

My mind, emotions, body, energy, and spirit conspire to support my sexual pleasure and intimate connections.


Download the pdf below. Enjoy!

Download PDF • 156KB

I can help you create your own sex and intimacy affirmations. Do you want personal support from me? Go here to schedule a sex and intimacy coaching session.


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